Help (dump)

Debugging dump of the Help data structure.

1: Somewhere nearby is colossal cave, where others have found fortunes in treasure and gold, though it is rumored that some who enter are never seen again. Magic is said to work in the cave. i will be your eyes and hands. Direct me with commands of 1 or 2 words. (errors, suggestions, complaints to crowther) (if stuck type help for some hints)

2: A little dwarf with a big knife blocks your way.

3: A little dwarf just walked around a corner,saw you, threw a little axe at you which missed, cursed, and ran away.

4: There is a threatening little dwarf in the room with you!

5: One sharp nasty knife is thrown at you!

6: He gets you!

7: None of them hit you!

8: A hollow voice says 'plugh'

9: There is no way to go that direction.

10: I am unsure how you are facing. Use compass points or nearby objects.

11: I don't know in from out here. Use compass points or name something in the general direction you want to go.

12: I don't know how to apply that word here.

13: I don't understand that!

14: I always understand compass directions, or you can name a nearby thing to head that way.

15: Sorry, but i am not allowed to give more detail. I will repeat the long description of your location.

16: It is now pitch black. If you proceed you will likely fall into a pit.

17: If you prefer, simply type w rather than west.

18: Are you trying to catch the bird?

19: The bird is frightened right now and you cannot catch it no matter what you try. Perhaps you might try later.

20: Are you trying to attack or avoid the snake?

21: You can't kill the snake, or drive it away, or avoid it, or anything like that. There is a way to get by, but you don't have the necessary resources right now.

22: My word for hitting something with the rod is 'strike'.

23: You fell into a pit and broke every bone in your body!

24: You are already carrying it!

25: You can't be serious!

26: The bird was unafraid when you entered, but as you approach it becomes disturbed and you cannot catch it.

27: You can catch the bird, but you cannot carry it.

28: There is nothing here with a lock!

29: You aren't carrying it!

30: The little bird attacks the green snake, and in an astounding flurry drives the snake away.

31: You have no keys!

32: It has no lock.

33: I don't know how to lock or unlock such a thing.

34: The grate was already locked.

35: The grate is now locked.

36: The grate was already unlocked.

37: The grate is now unlocked.

38: You have no source of light.

39: Your lamp is now on.

40: Your lamp is now off.

41: Strike what?

42: Nothing happens.

43: Where?

44: There is nothing here to attack.

45: The little bird is now dead. Its body disappears.

46: Attacking the snake both doesn't work and is very dangerous.

47: You killed a little dwarf.

48: You attack a little dwarf, but he dodges out of the way.

49: I have trouble with the word 'throw' because you can throw a thing or throw at a thing. Please use drop or attack instead.

50: Good try, but that is an old worn-out magic word.

51: I know of places, actions, and things. Most of my vocabulary describes places and is used to move you there. To move try words like forest, building, downstream, enter, east, west north, south, up, or down. i know about a few special objects, like a black rod hidden in the cave. These objects can be manipulated using one of the action words that i know. Usually you will need to give both the object and action words (in either order), but sometimes i can infer the object from the verb alone. The objects have side effects - for instance, the rod scares the bird. Usually people having trouble moving just need to try a few more words. Usually people trying to manipulate an object are attempting something beyond their (or my!) capabilities and should try a completely different tack. To speed the game you can sometimes move long distances with a single word. For example, 'building' usually gets you to the building from anywhere above ground except when lost in the forest. Also, note that cave passages turn a lot, and that leaving a room to the north does not guarantee entering the next from the south. Good luck!

52: It misses!

53: It gets you!

54: Ok

55: You can't unlock the keys.

56: You have crawled around in some little holes and wound up back in the main passage.

57: I don't know where the cave is, but hereabouts no stream can run on the surface for long. I would try the stream.

58: I need more detailed instructions to do that.

59: I can only tell you what you see as you move about and manipulate things. I cannot tell you where remote things are.

60: I don't know that word.

61: What?

62: Are you trying to get into the cave?

63: The grate is very solid and has a hardened steel lock. You cannot enter without a key, and there are no keys nearby. I would recommend looking elsewhere for the keys.

64: The trees of the forest are large hardwood oak and maple, with an occasional grove of pine or spruce. There is quite a bit of undergrowth, largely birch and ash saplings plus nondescritpt bushes of various sorts. This time of year visibility is quite restricted by all the leaves, but travel is quite easy if you detour around the spruce and berry bushes.

65: Welcome to adventure!! would you like instructions?

66: Digging without a shovel is quite impractical: even with a shovel progress is unlikely.

67: Blasting requires dynamite.

68: I'm as confused as you are.

69: Mist is a white vapor, usually water, seen from time to time in caverns. It can be found anywhere but is frequently a sign of a deep pit leading down to water.

70: Your feet are now wet.

71: There is nothing here to eat.

72: Eaten!

73: There is no drinkable water here.

74: The bottle of water is now empty.

75: Rubbing the electric lamp is not particularly rewarding. Anyway, nothing exciting happens.

76: Peculiar. nothing unexpected happens.

77: Your bottle is empty and the ground is wet.

78: You can't pour that.

79: Watch it!

80: Which way?