Ward Cunningham

I wrote Federated Wiki while I served as Nike's open-data fellow. I currently work for NewRelic in Portland, Oregon.

YOUTUBE hJkEvtosibk Ward Cunningham presenting this material March, 2014.


I am collecting my intentions and experience for a talk called Song of Code and Content.

I started by collecting notes about the speaking opportunity for Future Talk on a private wiki.

I created song.fed.wiki.org once I had an acceptable title and abstract for the talk.

I forked in content from my writing on other sites that seemed to have bearing on my abstract.

In the peace and quiet of a Saturday morning I wrote paragraphs that explained the connections.

I now had 3 original pages, 12 more forked in, and a neighborhood of 442 pages providing context.

I've new presented the talk. I will continue to tend this site to keep the song alive.


I used these notes to myself to make sure I demonstrated basic features of federated wiki.

fork a copy

drag to move

double-click to edit

ghostly search (song)

ghostly history (easter egg)